Franco Architects has long recognized the need for buildings to be energy efficient both from a cost savings and an environmental standpoint. Our schools always incorporate a standard set of green features including:

  • Large windows and/or skylights for access to natural light in classrooms
  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • Irrigation systems that include seri bubblers, Smart Dial Control system, and rain sensors
  • Highly reflective roofs when possible
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Local HVAC Controls and units for each classroom
  • Motion/daylight sensors in occupied spaces
  • Low flow restroom fixtures & metered faucets
  • Finishes with recycled content 

Specialty Green Features:

On a number of recent projects we have had the opportunity to install/propose special green features including:

  • "Living" green walls that both visually enhance the exterior as well as shade window openings and cool building facades. These walls are typically constructed of wire screening material planted with a variety of perennial vines.
  • Green Roofs which are planted roofs that help alleviate the heating/cooling costs for the buildings as well as visually enhance roofs visible from second level spaces.
  • Solar panels when the budget permits. We have incorporated solar panel arrays which directly contribute to the school's energy needs.