We are a full service architectural design and planning firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Our project team brings with it 30+ years of design, engineering, and construction experience on various types of projects including corporate and telecommunications headquarters, banking centers, housing, and our current emphasis on institutional work.




The Sheen Educational Foundation in partnership with Alliance for College Ready Public Schools established a public high school to continue the work of Dr. Herbert Sheen, Founder of the Sheen Educational Foundations and cofounding daughter Aunt Dolores. They believe the only way to empower a deprived and depressed community is through education. The school building is a 30,000 square foot, two story modern structure with 24 classrooms, science labs, computer labs, a multipurpose room and administrative and college counseling offices.

The CalTech Center was the former General Dynamics development center for the Patriot missile. The 450,000 sq. ft. state of the art data center, design offices, test and assembly areas were converted into a high tech multi-tenant facility. The building housed several insurance and financial corporations requiring high tech distribution of power systems, including uninterruptible power supplies and 24/7 reliability.

Franco Architects has long recognized the need for buildings to be energy efficient both from a cost savings and an environmental standpoint. Our schools always incorporate a standard set of green features including:

  • Large windows and/or skylights for access to natural light in classrooms
  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • Irrigation systems that include seri bubblers, Smart Dial Control system, and rain sensors
  • Highly reflective roofs when possible
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Local HVAC Controls and units for each classroom
  • Motion/daylight sensors in occupied spaces
  • Low flow restroom fixtures & metered faucets
  • Finishes with recycled content 

Specialty Green Features:

On a number of recent projects we have had the opportunity to install/propose special green features including:

  • "Living" green walls that both visually enhance the exterior as well as shade window openings and cool building facades. These walls are typically constructed of wire screening material planted with a variety of perennial vines.
  • Green Roofs which are planted roofs that help alleviate the heating/cooling costs for the buildings as well as visually enhance roofs visible from second level spaces.
  • Solar panels when the budget permits. We have incorporated solar panel arrays which directly contribute to the school's energy needs.